Hazel Bird, a citizen of Jandowae (17/7/2013)

First Xmas in Dalby 2013

Hazel Bird
The new Bird in Town Arrived mid 2012. (17/7/2013)

I was born in Herberton, a mining town in North Queensland and have lived in the bush for nearly 71 years, working with horses, cows and goats in my younger days. My Dad was a great teacher of bush crafts and with his old mate Uncle Albert (Aboriginal) have given me a sound knowledge of nature. They taught me tracking and took me with them when looking for missing persons. These two people were every thing to me. These days they are looking down on what I'm doing now and still guiding me.

There was Mum, the backbone of the family, along with my sisters Kay and Colleen and brother Ray.

When 20 I married Les Whyte, and had two children, Sharon and Robert, who now both live close to Jandowae (they said it was the perfect area to live) and why I have moved here from Cloncurry.

I no longer have a husband, but 7 Grandchildren, 4 step grandchildren and several Great Grandchildren.

Being here nearer to my Family at this stage of my life is just pure heaven. It can be a hard battle doing it on your own but there comes a time when the body and mind says go home to the kids.

Before Cloncurry I lived and breathed Sapphires on the Anakie Gemfields plus worked the Anakie Hotel for near 25 years. I was also involved with Tourism especially Gemfest where I did the announcing for many years. Promoting Emerald and the Anakie Gemfields area took me to many locations including capital cities and outback towns.

I left school to go nursing but later on worked hotels and had many strange jobs for a girl; breaking in horses, mustering, fence building, operating mining equipment for a deep wolfram mine, powder monkey at 14 yrs, and Sapphire Miner.

I have been involved in many organisations and done heaps of jobs, like the BLUES BUZZ for Blue Care in Cloncurry for 8 years.

My hobbies included tennis and athletics. After reading that lot I can see why My Dad always called me Fred or Kid.

Now because of my health I'm involved in less active hobbies which include painting, photography & crafts plus helping people, doing my Bonsai's and gardening.

I have found Jandowae rewarding in many ways. The locals and the town are pleasant and hopefully many years down the track I may become a Local. I had said no more Committees or organizations for me but, I have joined CWA. Please say Hi if you see me down town as I'm keen to know the Citizens of Jandowae.

Cheers folks and stay healthy. Remember Nature is life's best Teacher.

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