Jandowae Police Report 2/12/2015
by Mark AVENT, Sergeant 10781 Officer in Charge Jandowae Police

Domestic Violence/Assault Police

On Friday 25/9/2015 Jandowae Police attended 11-21 Moffatt St, Kaimkillenbun in relation to a violent Domestic Dispute, on arrival Police were confronted with a female who had been assaulted and 2 aggressive male offender/s were also present. Urgent Police assistance was requested and a crew from the Dalby Police Station attended and assisted Jandowae Police. When Police advised one of the male offender/s he was detained under the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act he became aggressive and took off his shirt and threw it in one of the Police Officer's faces, he then started punching the officer in the head and bit the officer on the wrist. The offender was overpowered, arrested and transported to the Dalby watch house. He has been charged with 5 counts of Serious Assault and Assault Police, an urgent Protection order has been issued by the Magistrate, the offender's Bail has been objected to and he has been remanded in custody.

On Monday 12/10/2015 Jandowae Police attended 58 High St, Jandowae as a 000 call was received in relation to a violent Domestic dispute, on arrival Police located a 5 year old child semi-conscious. OAS were requested and attended immediately from Jandowae Ambulance Station, the 5 year old child was transported by Ambulance to Jandowae Hospital.
A 58 year old male was arrested and transported to the Dalby Police watch house and has been charged with allegedly breaching a Domestic Violence Order and is on Bail conditions 1. Not to attend 58 High St. 2. Not to have any contact with his partner from 58 High St. 3. Not to consume Alcohol. This particular offender is barred from all licensed premises in Jandowae under the Liquor Accord. Further to this matter whilst Jandowae Police were at Dalby Police Station preparing the necessary paperwork for the Magistrate the offender's relatives and friends arrived and were adversely affected by alcohol. A scuffle followed at the front of the Police Station and a male person was arrested for allegedly spitting at Police.


On Tuesday 22/9/2015 a community member from Jandowae attended the Police Station and reported a fraud. Investigations reveal he was contacted by an unknown offender who offered him a line of credit for $10,000, unfortunately the victim agreed to make 2 x payments totalling $2,050 — into the offender's bank account before they would fund the $10,000 loan. Once the offender/s received the $2,050 — from the victim they refused to fund the loan. Obviously this is a scam and this matter is being investigated by Detectives from Dalby CIB. Police ask all community members to be vigilant with their finances, perhaps drop into the ANZ Bank, High St, Jandowae or the accountants office at 27 George St, Jandowae and obtain financial advice before entering into loan agreements.

Serious Traffic Accident

On Sunday 11/10/2015 at 01:57am Police were called to a single vehicle rollover on Jandowae Connection Rd. driver attempted to avoid a 'roo strike' causing the vehicle to overturn and skid on its roof. The vehicle was occupied by the driver and 5 passengers. The front seat passenger was airlifted from Jandowae Hospital by res chopper to P.A. Hospital Brisbane with serious head and spinal injuries.

Arrests — Search Warrant

On Tuesday 20/10/2015 Police from Jandowae, Bell, Dalby CIB and Dalby CPIU executed a search warrant on t occupants at 39 George St, Jandowae. Police located a quantity of drugs, utenslils and stolen property.

On Tuesday 27/10/2015 Police observed a 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander parked in the driveway of 39 George St, inquiries conducted revealed this vehicle was stolen. Jandowae Police and Detectives from Dalby CIB attendee and located a 40 year old male hiding in the ceiling. The male refused to come down, Police requested the assistance of Jandowae Fire Service who assisted with a ladder, heat sensing cameras and other equipment. The male still refused to come down from the roof. Police had concerns for his health due to the temperature in the roof. Inspector BIANCHI was contacted at Dalby Police H.Q. and gave approval for Police at the scene to cut the suspect out of the roof, a hole was cut in the roof and the 40 year old male was pulled from the roof by Police and was immediately treated by Paramedics and transported to Jandowae Hospital where he was treated by Dr Li DWYER and nursing staff for heat exhaustion.

Whilst at 39 George St Police located a Sony CD player and a car battery that were stolen from a silver Commodore sedan at William St, Jandowae 2 days earlier. The 40 year old offender has been charged by Detectives with numerous alleged drug, stealing of property and vehicle offences, his bail has been refused by the Dalby Magistrate and he is currently held in custody.

On Wednesday 28/10/2015 Jandowae Police, Detectives from Dalby and Department of Child Safety representatives again visited 39 George St, Jandowae and executed a search warrant. A large amount of stole property was located and recovered. The 26 year old female occupant was arrested and charged with numen alleged stealing offences, Police have objected to her Bail and she is presently held in custody. The 3 young children have been placed in the care of their grandparents and are being monitored by DOCS.

Police allege both offenders in this matter have been committed numerous stealing offences to support their drug habit : (ICE).

Traffic Complaints

Police have received complaints recently in relation to hoons, with the majority of complaints relate to the driver of a Green Mitsubishi coupe with a loud exhaust accelerating heavily and speeding within the township. The drive this vehicle was intercepted on 16/11/2015 and the vehicle ordered off the road as defective.

Alleged Stealing Of Flag

On Tuesday 1/12/2015 RSL rang & advised that an Australian Flag has been stolen from the Memorial Hall & WDRC will replace the flag at their expense. I advised the RSL representative the flag blew off the flagpole on the weekend in a storm and ended up in the backyard of the Police Station. My wife has washed the flag and we have put it back on the flag pole. I have emailed WDRC and asked them not to waste rate payers money by purchasing a flag. We ask any person reporting thefts etc to work with local Police and contact the Police Station in the first instance before reporting unfounded matters to Council or other Government bodies.

Adopt A Cop — Blue Light Disco

Jandowae Police and Jandowae State School held a Blue Light Disco on Friday 6/11/2015 at the Memorial Hall, 105 students from Jandowae, Burra Burri, Jimbour and Dalby Schools were in attendance. Police were greatly assisted on the night by teachers, Ross from the Ambulance Station, Scotty BATEMAN from the Fire Service, community volunteers and parents. We look forward to the next Blue Light Disco early in 2016.

On Tuesday 24/11/2015 the High School students visited the Police Station and we discussed the role of a Police Officer in a small community, answered numerous questions, showed the students the Police Station , W/H, interview room, Police vehicle, took their fingerprints and demonstrated our accoutrements and equipment.

On Wed 25/11/2015 Jandowae Police attended the School awards night and were delighted to hand out certificates to student leaders.

On Monday 30/11/2015 we had 18 Grade 1 students visit the Police Station, we enjoyed their visit, the Grade l's terrorised us and nearly destroyed the Station.

Blue Cards

At present we have a number of new residents to Jandowae, some of these residents are an asset to this area however some persons have extensive criminal history and are not suitable persons to be working alongside or coaching local youth. Police ask all committees to be vigilant and ensure any person who is working with children holds a blue card.

Contacting Police

If you require Police assistance ring Policelink Ph: 131444, we have staff available to take your call 24/7 and provide advice. If urgent your call will be transferred to your nearest Police Communications Centre, if you have a life threatening emergency or are in danger ring 000.

You are not welcome to walk around the station or yards of Police residences. Use Policelink or attend the Police Station during Office Hours for routine matters. There is always an officer on duty or on call to assist you for urgent Police related matters.


I commence leave at 0800hrs in the morning and S/C Craig ELLIS will be relieving as OIC Jandowae whilst I am away.

Christmas Holidays

Mark, Craig, Corinna and our families would like to wish all our NHW group members a merry Christmas and happy new year, we ask if you are travelling please be safe on our roads and plan your trip. We look forward to working alongside the NHW group in 2016.

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