Jandowae Police Report 7/8/13

On 1/8/2013 Police from Jandowae, Bell, Dalby Station, Dalby CIB and Brisbane Dog Squad conducted a number of drug raids in the Dalby Burnett Patrol Group.

4 offenders from the Jandowae Township were found to be in possession of cannabis and drug utensils and now have an appointment with the Dalby Magistrate. 2 of the offenders found to be in possession of dangerous drugs and utensils have resided in Jandowae for less than 2 weeks.

I warn any person who is prepared to break the law and use dangerous drugs to expect a knock on the front door from Police, you might think you are getting away with smoking drugs, we know who you are and Police will raid your house if you continue to use illegal drugs.

2 Drink Drivers charged with Drink Driving, readings 0.075% & 0.123%

Police were called to a Traffic Accident on Old Rosevale Rd, Jandowae, the burnt out vehicle involved was registered in NSW. Inquiries conducted revealed the offending driver resided in Jandowae and had not transferred the vehicle's registration to Queensland. When Police attend traffic accidents we always make all necessary efforts to notify relatives that a loved one has been injured prior to them hearing the information from the media, social media etc. It is imperative that all road users have their Drivers licence addresses current, it is an offence not to notify Queensland Transport of a change of address within 14 days of moving. Penalty $110.

In relation to interstate Drivers Licences and vehicle registrations, once you have resided in Queensland for 3 months you are required to transfer your interstate drivers licence and registration to Queensland, you will need to attend Qld Transport, Cunningham St, Dalby and surrender your interstate Drivers Licence, show 100 points of I.D. and produce documentation confirming your Qld address, phone bill, rates notice, lease agreement will suffice. There is no fee for transferring your interstate licence to Old. The Penalty for not transferring your interstate licence on intercept is $220. In relation to vehicles registered interstate, you will need to attend Motor & Tractor Service, Market St, Jandowae, obtain a safety certificate ensuring your vehicle is legally safe and mechanically roadworthy, then produce your vehicle to the Jandowae library or Qld Transport and register the vehicle in Queensland.

Truck Parking — recently there have been a number of trucks illegally parking within the Jandowae Township, it is illegal to park a heavy or long vehicle exceeding 8 metres in length for more than 1 hour in a Built Up area. Penalty $110. Police generally deal with moving violations and council deal with stationary offences. If you have complaint re: parking call Policelink on Ph: 131444 or Council on Ph: 1300 728500

Recently 2 firearms were stolen from a Property on Old Burrandowan Road, Diamondy. The firearms stolen were a .223 rifle and a .410 single barrel shotgun. Detectives from Dalby CIB are investigating this matter, if you have any information in relation to the whereabouts of the stolen firearms or the identity of the offenders involved, please ring crime stoppers on Ph: 1800 333000

A 2010 Hyundai GETZ was stolen from Goombungee on 10/812013 & I recovered the vehicle today 5km's this side of the Darr Creek Service Station, the vehicle has been towed to Downs Towing at Dalby & will has been fingerprinted by Forensic investigators, it appears the vehicle ran out of petrol & the offenders have dumped it on the side of the road & decamped. IT IS A WORRY TO THINK THESE TYPE OF CRIMINALS ARE MOVING THROUGH OUR DISTRICT.

Senior Constable Peter HORN has taken up duty as Officer in Charge of the Bell Police Station, Peter has over 20 years experience as a Police officer and brings a wealth of Policing experience to the Jandowae/Bell cluster. We welcome Peter and his family to Bell.

The Jandowae 2IC position has been vacant since March, 2012. The previous Senior Constable at Jandowae Ian RASMUSSEN has been retired medically unfit and is no longer a Police Officer.

Acting Senior Constable Allan WARD of the Nebo Police Station has been appointed to the Jandowae 2IC position and will commence duty here on 8th October, 2013. Allan has visited Jandowae with his wife Helen and their 2 daughters; they have met our school Principal Tony BARTLETT and have enrolled their 2 children in the Jandowae State School. We look forward to welcoming the WARD family to Jandowae in October.

If you have a non urgent matter to report to Police, you can call Policelink on Ph: 131444, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Non urgent matters include lost property, stealing matters, traffic complaints, neighbourhood disputes.

If you have an urgent matter ring Dalby Police communications on 4669 9222 and you will speak directly to a Police Officer 24/7 or dial 000. If you need to speak to Police at Jandowae out of office hours, either leave a message on the station answering machine or ring the after hours number 4669 9222 and an appointment can be made or a Police response will be organised for you.

The Jandowae State School preppies made a special visit to the Police Station recently with their teacher Miss Alison G DARD, teacher aide Mrs Cheryl PARTON and 5 parents, the students said hello to Dalby Police communications on the Police radio, put the blue lights and sirens on in the Police car, viewed the Police Station, interview room and watch house, they asked lots of questions, mainly about guns & were all handed Police stickers the preppies had a great time visiting the Station.

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