Jandowae Police Report
by Mark AVENT, Sergeant 10781 Officer in Charge Jandowae Police (16/6/2015)

Stealing offences

On 5/5/2015 Detectives from Dalby CIB executed a search warrant on the occupants at 29 George St, Jandowae. The occupant there has been charged with a number of alleged offences including theft of the WDRC shed that was stolen from the Jandowae cemetery over 2 nights on 13/3/2015 & 14/3/2015. Jandowae Police also located a stolen trailer that the offender allegedly parked at a relative's residence on Coxen St, Jandowae. This trailer was stolen from Moreton St, Dalby on 29/4/2015 & has since been returned to its rightful owner, this particular offender has been charged with stealing the trailer and is due to appear before the Dalby Magistrates Crt on a number of charges.

Recently Police have recovered a large quantity of stolen items including a 2003 box trailer containing assorted tools, this trailer was stolen from the Jimbour Hall carpark on 27/2/2015 and has been returned to a very relieved owner. The stolen items were located on a property situated on the Dalby Kogan Rd.

On 28/4/2015 a silver Mitsubishi Magna was stolen from Dalby, this vehicle was located at 07.40hrs on 29/4/2015 on fire at the Jandowae Dump, an 18 year old male has been charged with allegedly committing the theft & arson, this offender has links to the above mentioned offender charged with allegedly stealing the cemetery shed.

On 29/4/2015 at 8.15pm two offenders were filmed on farm cam syphoning fuel from a John Deer Tractor on Inverai Rd, Tuckerang.

On 30/4/2015 at 10.30pm the same two suspects attended a farm on Nine Mile Stock Route Rd, Tuckerang and commenced stealing fuel from a truck, unbeknown to the 2 suspects a male driver was asleep in the cabin, both suspects decamped when the truck driver let his presence known. The two suspects are described as —

the offenders were driving a tray back utility.

On 8/6/2015 offender/s have attempted to gain entry to the rear of a semi-trailer parked on Hickey St, Jandowae. Inquiries conducted by Police with neighbours reveal 2 males were seen loitering in the area in the early hours of the morning. On this occasion nil property was stolen. Investigations are continuing and the suspects are known to Police.

On 10/6/2015 Police located a stolen Holden Rodeo Utility on a property on the Jandowae Connection Rd. This vehicle was stolen from a wrecking yard in Dalby on 8/3/2015. Police also located a quantity of stolen power tools these tools were stolen from Marshall's transport on 14/3/2015. The vehicle and power tools have been returned to the rightful owners. An 18 year old male who is currently on Bail has been charged with allegedly committing both offences, his 15 year old accomplice has an appointment to be interviewed by Jandowae Police.

Non Suspicious Fire

On Sunday 10/5/2015 a 66 year old Hungarian tourist was cooking freshly caught fish on a portable gas stove inside his 1980 Leyland Bus parked next to the boat ramp at the Jandowae Dam, the portable stove caught fire and the bus was completely engulfed and destroyed. Fortunately the male bus owner and his dog were not injured and were cared for by Jandowae QAS. Jandowae QRFS attended and extinguished the fire. The bus owner who has limited English was well cared for by Jandowae Emergency Services and local resident John Blinco who stopped to render assistance.

House Fire

On 11/6/2015 at 03.30am Jandowae Police, Fire and Ambulance Services were called to Matthews Rd, Jimbour in relation to a House Fire. Fortunately the 2 adults and 4 children all exited the house without injury. Initial investigations reveal the fire started externally on a sub fuse box prior to spreading into the kitchen area of the home.

Threats To Kill

On 5/5/2015 Police received a call for service in relation to two females receiving a threatening phone call where the suspect threatened to kill both girls and their family members. The threats were recorded and that recording is now on file at Jandowae Police Station. A 21 year old Toowoomba male has been nominated as a suspect and is now in serious trouble with Police. An urgent temporary Protection order has been issued by the Dalby Magistrate as the suspect is the ex-boyfriend of one of the victims.

Noise Complaints

Police have received a number of complaints recently in relation to noisy stereos, investigations reveal inconsiderate persons are playing loud base music that can be clearly heard by neighbours. Police recommend turning the base down on your stereo.

If Police attend and the noise is considered to be a Breach of the Peace a noise abatement direction will be issued to the home owner/occupant. This direction stays in existence for 96 hours. If the direction is not immediately complied with the offender will be issued an infringement notice — Penalty $227. If Police receive further calls the offender will be issued fines of $227 each time a Breach the Peace occurs. Police also have the power to turn off electricity or seize the electronic device amplifying the loud noise.

In relation to licensed premises the Approved Manager is not permitted to exceed noise levels of 75 Decibels, if there is loud music emanating from licensed premises in excess of 75 decibels Police will furnish a Breach Notice to the Office of Liquor and Gaming.

Police ask all community members to be respectful to their neighbours and keep noise to a minimum, if you are hosting a party/celebration drop into the Police Station and register your party. All music will have to be turned off or down to a dull roar at 12 midnight.

Trail Bike Complaints

It is illegal to ride an unregistered motor bike on the road or public land Penalty $227. If an unregistered trail bike is being ridden within the township and complaints are received Police can impound the motorbike. We are fortunate in Jandowae that we have an area where unregistered trailbikes can be ridden and this way community members are not being annoyed. Feel free to drop into the Station and Police will advise you where your kids can ride their motorbikes legally.

Staff Movements

Senior Constable Allan WARD has been transferred after a short stay at Jandowae to Boondall, Allan's last shift was on Friday 29/5/2015. Administration Officer Lyn Wunsch has now finished duties at Jandowae and a replacement for Lyn has been selected. Administration Officer Corinna Broad has been successfully selected to work 2 days a week at Jandowae and will commence duty at Jandowae Police Station hopefully in the near future. Corinna is a former Qld Police Officer who performed duties at Chinchilla Police Station. We welcome Corinna to Jandowae & look forward to our new Senior Constable and his/her family arriving at Jandowae later in the year. The Senior Constable position here was officially advertised on 22/5/2015 and we have already received a number of inquiries from officers interested in transferring to Jandowae Police Division.

Relieving Officers

Constable Chris Robey from Dalby Police Station is relieving at Jandowae and working alongside Sergeant Avent until Friday 26/6/2015. Constable Lindsay Small also of Dalby Police will then relieve at Jandowae until Friday 10/7/2015. Both officers are being accommodated at QAS accommodation. Many thanks to our Paramedics Tony Stout & Ross Breckenridge for providing lodgings for our relieving Police Officers.

Office Hours

Jandowae Police Station office hrs are 9am — 3pm each Monday and Tuesday. If you have a driver's licence or weapons renewal or general inquiry please attend the Station on Mondays & Tuesdays. Remember you can leave a message on the Station answering machine to make an appointment or you can call Police link Ph: 131444 24hrs a day, 7 days a week to report any incident to Police. If you have a life threatening emergency and require Police urgently ring 000.

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