Police Report June 2018
By Senior Constable David Holmes-Brown from Jandowae Community Magazine

Road Safety week
Road safety week was held between the 27th and 31st of August 2018, during this week Jandowae Police conducted high visibility patrols concentrating on the fatal 5 as well as school talks with Jandowae p-10 and Burra Burri State School. Jandowae Police are pleased to say that nil injury traffic crashes occurred in the Jandowae division over the week of Road safety week. On the flip side numerous traffic infringement notices were handed out to drivers with the largest portion being for speeding. Remember 'Every K over is a killer'.

Traffic Complaints
Jandowae Police received complaints regarding the driving behaviour of road users on Niagara Rd and Jandowae Kingaroy Rd. With the assistance of AGL management, who have conducted tool box meetings with their employees and reconfirmed their commitment to road safety. Jandowae Police increased patrols of the area, which has resulted in a marked improvement in driver's attitudes over the past couple of weeks. Police will be continuing their high visibility presence in these areas to deter old habits.

Police assistance
A timely reminder to Jandowae residents, if you are going somewhere please let somebody else know. Recently Police were called to assist when 2 persons were not where they were meant to be. A simple phone call would have assisted with a stressed out family and utilising Police and other resources in town.

If you require urgent assistance from Police, Fire or Ambulance please dial '000'.
For Police assistance outside of office hours think Policelink 131444.
For all other Police inquiries, inside office hours Please dial 46685320 or after hours leave a message and an officer will get back to you at first opportunity.
Please at no time do you attend an officer's home address or contact an officer on their personal mobile, as being asked to leave a private residence can often offend. Remember that officers are human as well, they lead lives and have family separate to Police work. Thank you for your understanding.