Police Report October 2020
By Senior Constable David Holmes-Brown from Jandowae Community Magazine

COVID update
As most will be aware Queensland has done an applaudable job, dealing with the COVD crisis. Whilst we are looking good up here, one only has to look at our Southern counterparts to see the effect complacency can have.

Please continue to use social distancing measures, wash hands regularly and if you feel sick stay at home/isolate and get tested.

Damage to Property
Between the 13th and the 14th day of June 2020, a house on Jimbour Street Jandowae was damaged by an offender throwing eggs. This ended up costing the owner to have the eggs removed from the house as well as a vehicle. To date Police have not located a suspect in this matter and ask the Jandowae community to assist with any information that they can provide.

Persons engaging in this type of activity can and will be prosecuted for unauthorised damage to property, which can carry severe monetary penalties as well as the offender having to pay the victim for damages.

Firearms offences
On the 30th day of March 2020, Police from Jandowae were called to attend a rural property outside of Jandowae in relation to a male person with a gunshot wound to his leg. The injured male was located at another address in Jandowae where his injuries were treated.

Police units from Jandowae, Dalby and Toowoomba dog handlers surrounded the property and Police negotiators were called in which resulted in the arrest of a male person from the address. A crime scene was declared, and investigation conducted.

A 67-year-old Jandowae male had his firearms seized and will face the Dalby Magistrates court on multiple charges in relation to this incident.

Traffic operation Bell/Jandowae
A recent traffic operation was held in the Bell and Jandowae divisions during July 2020. The operation involved Bell and Jandowae Police officers as well as the Dalby traffic branch who travelled out to assist. Numerous speeding infringements were issued to drivers over the time as well as licence and vehicle checks.

Police will continue to monitor driver's behaviour on the roads in and around Jandowae township, leading up to Rural traffic safety week in August. This is to curb our climbing road toll which has unfortunately seen too many people lose their lives this year, with the larger majority being on rural roads. Expect to see a heavy Police presence during the month of August on rural roads and in rural towns.

Stay safe and look after each other.
Senior Constable David HOLMES-BROWN
Jandowae Police station