Why It Is A Good Idea To Plant Trees In The Roads Of Jandowae
by Councillor Ron Curd (12/3/2008)

Dear Philip
In reply to your email dated 11th March I would like to inform you that in April 1999 a public meeting was called inviting all the residents of Jandowae to take part in the long term planning and beatification of the main streets of Jandowae funded by grants from a State Government Streetscape Programme over the next few years.

Up to 20 or more people attended this meeting as well as a further three or four meetings over the next 12 months all of which all was chaired by me.

In the year 2000 the final meeting was held in the local SES building to finalise the plans which would be completed in four or five stages as funds would come to hand over the coming years.

Many of the people who took part in this process are still residents of Jandowae of which some owned or did own a business in the main street of Jandowae and probably still have a copy of the original plans (I do).

The original plans had the street paving and raised garden beds taking up half a parking space and the business houses were consulted as to where to be place. The only modification that has occurred is that some of the sites had to be moved a metre or so because of water pipes etc. and the raised beds being replaced with trees.

As for water, these trees once established will take very little looking after as they have been selected by experts who say they can survive under very harsh conditions.

As for taking up parking space I am sure the business houses would like to see the main streets packed with cars every day. Every time I park in the mains streets there is always room for another dozen cars or so right out side the shop I wish to visit.

As for creating a traffic hazard I would hope that anyone who cannot navigate around a tree or two should hand their drivers licence in before they cause injury to someone else crossing the street.

I myself am not a true greenie but I have visited many other towns and have commented to my wife on how beautiful they look with this type of beatification.

Back in the year 2000 Jandowae had rough, broken, uneven, broken bitumen and some gravel or dirt footpaths which were dirty and dusty and nobody seemed to care what the town looked like, not even the council.

I hope and pray that the new council that will be elected next week will continue to take an interest and support my home town of Jandowae of which I have lived in for the past 64 years, because at the moment I have great concerns that small towns such as Jandowae will be neglected and let run down to such a state that no one will want to settle here in the future.

Perhaps more residents (new and old) of Jandowae should take pride in their little town and support ventures such as this instead knocking every thing that other people try to accomplish to enhance the beauty of the town.

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