Reaction To The Trees Planted In Jandowae Roads

Diann Cumner — 3rd February 2009 I write this with great concern over the placement of some of the  trees in Jandowae.


It has come to my attention that some of the trees obscure vision for the children of our town who walk to school each day.


While I agree with the councillors who have responded here, the trees look great and provide much needed shade,  they have failed to take our children into consideration.


Many of our children walk to school and home again each day.  Its part of what makes living in Jandowae so great.  The freedom that city kids just don't have.


When a child goes to cross the road, particularly on the service station corner of High and Dalby Sts,  they can only see down the street a short distance, and only when they stand aprox 2mtrs  out into the road itself.  I find it hard enough, but if you look from a child's height it is even worse.


They have to basically take a chance that no cars or one of our many grain loaded trucks are heading their way. It is a nightmare for the kids and parents alike.


My purpose here is not to complain about the trees.  Council has their minds made up anyway.


I would just like the drivers of this town to remember our kids this when you are next on the road.  Especially ,just before and just after school.


Slow down, keep watch, and help keep this town safe for our children.


And if council really wants to do something for the town, put a couple well placed pedestrian crossing in for the kids!


The safety of our children is more important than a pretty looking tree. 

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