Jandowae Welcomes A New Doctor (17/11/2014)

Dr Luke Dwyer and Wife Kimberley

After 32 years of continuous service to the Jandowae rural community, Dr Tony Balston has decided to take extended long service leave. He has been fortunate to find Dr Luke Dwyer who is prepared to cover this whole period. Dr Dwyer has recently completed his extensive rural generalist training through the Australian College of Rural & Remote Medicine, much of it at Roma Hospital. He follows in Dr Balston's footsteps in being very supportive of rural medicine and rural communities. Dr Dwyer has already been intimately involved with Rural Doctors Association of Queensland as its treasurer and will no doubt continue his involvement after recently returning from 6 months holiday in Europe. Dr Dwyer has recently become engaged to one of the local Jandowae residents, Kimberly Bach, after meeting at the Roma Hospital. Kimberly, a registered nurse, has already commenced nursing duties at the Jandowae Hospital.

It is hoped that the Jandowae community supports Dr Dwyer and that he enjoys the challenge of caring for this community as Dr Balston has over these years.

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