Tai Chi In Jandowae (3/12/2014)

Tai Chi in Jandowae Tai Chi in Jandowae

Tai Chi for Arthritis is a safe and enjoyable program that is easy for people to learn, no matter what their age or physical condition. The movements are slow and gentle and the degree of exertion can be easily adjusted. Tai Chi can be done standing or seated.

Practicing Tai Chi can give relief from many problems experienced by people suffering with arthritis — pain, depression, and loss of ability to do things. Exercise is known to benefit most aspects of health and is recognised as an essential part of the management of arthritis. Without regular exercise, joints become stiffer and more painful. Tai chi for Arthritis gently moves all the joints, muscles and tendons of the body.

The Jandowae group meets each Monday at 9am in the Anglican Church Hall at Market Street and they have derived great benefit from these lessons. Joan Seiler, an excellent teacher, trained in the art of Tai Chi, has made this program enjoyable. Anyone can learn Tai Chi, men and women of any age. Don't be put off if you have mobility problems or other physical ailments. Once mastered, Tai Chi may help relieve your symptoms. We encourage visitors from other towns to also attend and reap the benefits from this age old program. No need to book, just turn up and you will be made most welcome. Cup of tea and a chat afterwards. Lessons will resume on Monday February 2nd 2015.

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