Jandowae's New Supermarket (November 2015)

Jandowae's New Supermarket November 2015

A Tycoon has decided to increase his profits by invading Jandowae. He has bought the land on which he has built a new shed with a large car park, and fitted it out as a grocery store: now all he has to do is collect the handsome rent that will in time more than offset the cost of this enterprise. He believes that the Jandowae residents will be so delighted with their shiny new store that they will be happy to pay for the land, the store, the car park, the shop fittings, the salary of the store staff, power bills, rates bills, insurance, as well as the cost of the groceries. He knows that for his store to be a success, most of the money now flowing to other businesses in Jandowae must start flowing to his store, so he is counting on ruining as many existing Jandowae businesses as he can.

What is obvious is that there are not sufficient shoppers in Jandowae to pay for the Tycoon's expenses. It is hard enough for Jandowae businesses to make a profit without having to pay the huge rent the Tycoon demands, so whoever signs the lease for the Tycoon's shed will find that no matter how many livelihoods are subsequently ruined in Jandowae, his will ultimately be one of them.