Trumpeter's Corner Established 1961

Trumpeterís Corner (Jandowae)
See Obituary For The Last Trumpeter

Trumpeters Corner is located on the crossroads of the 9 mile stock route between Jandowae and Warra.

After the 2nd World War, the Government, under a ballot system, allocated certain lands to ex-servicemen and these blocks of land were randomly found amongst other blocks of land owned by a few civilians . It was mostly dairy farming then and a lot of the land had to be cleared and some proved difficult to farm.

At that time there was a pig and calf sale held each week in Jandowae and all the farmers used to come into town for the sale and afterwards gather at the Pink Pub for a drink and a yarn. The barman at the time was Mick Brazier, himself a returned soldier. So during the course of the evening they all talked of, and at great length, of what they had done on their farms. Eventually after listening to them for some time, Mick Brazier used to laugh and joke and accuse them all of blowing their own trumpet. In time the group became known as the trumpeters mob.

In time a tin trumpet was made and attached to a sign which said Trumpeters Corner. Underneath were all the initials of the 'Trumpeters'. The sign was nailed to a tree at the end of the 9 mile stock route in 1951, complete with an opening ceremony, an unveiling of the sign, several drinks to mark the occasion and no doubt more stories. The 'Trumpeters' used this spot as a meeting place.

The sign has been temporarily moved for painting and repair and will be restored in its rightful place in the near future. A memorial stone has been placed there more recently and Trumpeter's corner was recognised by the Wambo Shire Council as a district landmark in 1961.There is a book in the library by Vince Scouller with all the names of the 'Trumpeters'. Jack Howden was the only soldier settler not mentioned on the sign as he did not drink.

Founded 1950 by Mick Brazier WJ— Bill Johnstone FW— FRANK WHITE PB— Percy Body WU— Wally Underwood ES— Ted Stegall NR— Norm Roberts AV— Arthur Vicary WW— Wally Waldren KB— Ken Budden GS— Gordon Sellars MG— Max Giles HL— Harry Ladewig VH— Vince Healey WN— Bill Newman JS— Jack Statham RV— Ron Vayro KG— Keith Giles RH— Ron Hutchinson JW— Jack Whitney EE— Eric Elsden
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